live gently
Big Brother so far...
  • Frankie: omg Zach
  • Zach: omg Frankie I wanna fuck you (I'm straight though)
  • Derrick: I'm a cop
  • Brittany: Ditto
  • Joey: *gets evicted*
  • Caleb: Amber ily
  • Amber: ew wtf Caleb
  • Devin: *accuses everyone*
  • Victoria: *does nothing*
  • Cody: Amber ily I'll admire from afar
  • Hayden: aye Nicole
  • Nicole: aye Hayden
  • Christine: hell yeah alliances!
  • Paola: *on the block*
  • Jocasta: you can't touch me I have Jesus
  • Donny: I came out here to have a good time and I honestly am feeling so attacked right now

he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy




bradley cooper reading lolita, and girlfriend 17 years younger than him

this gives me hope

this makes me v emotional

This makes ME v emotional. Sorta angry and sorta sad and with lots of wanting and also sorta ambivalent


I love celestite.

mostly nature